Step One: Initial Meeting

We learn about your situation and answer any questions you may have. We provide you with a list of additional documents that we require and client data sheets to complete.


Step Two: Document Gathering

This includes an Assets and Liabilities Worksheet, a Budgeting Worksheet, and other necessary data.


Step Three: Analysis & Evaluation

Smart Transition Strategies™ prepares a preliminary draft report to be used at our discussion of strategies.


Step Four: Presentation of Findings

We schedule a two-hour presentation to present you with our findings, and offer you one or more strategies to consider. We work as a team to provide you with the necessary knowledge to make educated choices. We discuss options.


Step Five: Implementation of Recommendations

We work off an agreed upon implementation plan that includes regular status updates and reports on next steps as we progress. Implementation for Delivery of Financial Plan and Monitoring, includes referrals for investment management, QDRO* services, and estate planners.


Step Six: Monitoring [ongoing]

An essential step in implementation is monitoring progress as it relates to our agreed-upon goals, and adjusting the plan as needed. Monitoring for my life transition clients, tax clients, widow & divorce clients, and others, requires a semi-annual review of budgeting, retirement planning, insurance review, estate planning, and wills. It also includes access to my referral network of qualified professionals in the areas of investment management, QDRO* facilitation, and estate planning.

CDFA Details & Pricing

Parties need to know the value of assets, written analysis of future living costs, and retirement analysis. Smart Transition Strategies™ provides written analysis and recommendations that enables you to make educated choices in your divorce.

In many cases, there is little justification to waste money on litigation if the parties agree to negotiate a settlement. For significantly less money than a litigated divorce, Smart Transition Strategies™ and its Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) professional services will assist you in negotiating a settlement that is optimal for you and your family.

Our Certified Divorce Financial Analyst rate for financial planning is $350 per hour with a retainer of $ 1,750.

Please contact us for a free consultation.


* QDRO is an acronym for Qualified Domestic Relations Order, a legal document that is required whenever a divorcing couple needs to divide a Qualified Retirement Plan. When divorcing and splitting an ERISA qualified plan, we will refer you to professional QDRO services. A Qualified Plan is generally a plan being held by an employer, an ERISA qualified retirement plan such as a 401(k), 403(b), 457, profit sharing, deferred compensation, pension, etc. IRA accounts may be divided without requiring a QDRO. Once Smart Transition Strategies™ LLC, your attorney, mediator, or arbitrator informs you that you require a QDRO, we will refer you to qualified professionals offering these services.


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